Words on the Water, March 14-15

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Last year I got to do the Vancouver Island leg of the BC Book Prize tour (with the delightful Alan Woo, whose book Maggie’s Chopsticks won best picture book! yay, Alan!). What made it so amazing were the people we met — teachers and students and booksellers and readers. In Campbell River, a girl from the school Alan visited during the day brought her dad and her younger sister out to Coho Books in the evening to see him read again. Loads of people I met said, “You should come to Words on the Water. It’s a great festival.”
“I would love to,” I said.
And now I am. How fantastic is that? I’m really looking forward to this.

Novels are for Children

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The sparking Jean Manky over at Event mag interviewed me a little while ago.

Alice on the Okanagan Connector

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I was right about here on the Okanagan Connector this morning, listening to the news and thinking, “Wow, I’m getting radio reception a lot further than usual,” when they announced Alice Munro had won the Nobel Prize. Glee suffused me. Delight and a sense of rightness. I laughed out loud. I grinned. I chortled. “We reached Alice Munro in Victoria, just after 4 a.m.,” the newscast went on, and then reception cut out. But I did not mind. I replayed Alice Munro stories in my head. I wanted, in one of those thousandth-of-a-second blips in which I forget my mother is dead, to call her. She’d be gleeful, too. She’d be laughing the same delighted laugh, replaying the stories in her head. We could do it together.

Now I am going to glory awhile in Alice Munro. I’m going to re-read stories. I’m going to listen to the Peter Gzoswki interview Cindy told me they played on the Current. I’m going to remember my mother.

Victoria Writers Festival

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I clearly do not have blog-mind, at least in the use-your-blog-to-promote-your-events sense, cause it only occurred to me I should have written something about Word Vancouver after it was over. (It was great, by the way. bill bissett on the poetry bus was a force of nature.) But now I’m trying to cultivate blog-mind, so I’m posting to let you know the Victoria Writers Festival is coming up and I’ll be doing a reading on the Friday night, Oct 17, and a workshop on the Saturday. Next, I’m joining twitter. And following people. And getting them to follow me. And counting my followers. And following my followers. Doesn’t “follow” sound like “hallo” after a while? Like it means something totally other than “follow”?

Foot joy

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