I stalled a little. On Day 11. I fear this does not bode well. But I am going to keep going.

Chapter IX: The Sermon

The preacher preaches to them as if they are all in a boat together. Of what does he preach? Come on, guess. Wild guess. Hint: it’s about a whale. If you guessed Jonah, you win forty pounds of whale oil and a pair of matching pillow cases!

Chapter VIII: The Pulpit

The preacher, a former whaler by his kit and bearing, mounts to the pulpit, which itself has a maritime feel. The ladder to it is like the ladder on a ship. The cross juts out like a bowsprit.

Chapter VII: The Chapel

Ishmael goes to church, where silent worshippers contemplate their mortality while gazing on memorials to men lost to the whaling industry.

Chapter VI: The Street

Ishmael reports who he sees on the streets of New Bedford — farmers who want to be whalers, dandies who want to be whalers, people from foreign climes, etc.

Chapter V: Breakfast

Ishmael eats breakfast.

(Even though it is funnier to leave it at that, I feel I must add there is a discernible point to the scene. Ishmael expects whale tales, chatter, conversation at breakfast at the Spouter Inn, but there is none. Though the silence is not explained, the next thing Ishmael mentions is Queequeg at the head of the table, “coolly” wielding his harpoon to “grapple” beefsteaks from the other end of the table. Are the rest of the boarders afraid of Queequeg? Maybe.)

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