In poemw, the third finger of the left hand hits ‘w’ instead of ‘s’ and makes up a new kind of poem, the sort-of poem, the approxi-lyric, the poem that doesn’t want to claim poemness. Poemw are about daily things — graffitti, hair, sea gulls, second-hand clothes — and rarer things — dead crows, baked mice, ski accidents, Judith Butler. They’re jokes-and-not-jokes, cheeky, goofy.

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Gay Dwarves Cover

Gay Dwarves of America

There are no gay dwarves in Gay Dwarves of America, but there’s a mother of a teen with dwarfism who worries he might be gay, and there’s a parasitologist named Edna who’d rather not hear the words ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ but longs for the love of a certain young woman, and a boy on a unicycle — there is always a boy on a unicycle — and a hockey mom in Toronto who pretends to be Swiss. Hut, hut, hut, she shouts in the stands, ringing her cowbell like she was at a ski hill. There’s a story that’s a musical (numbers include “You Can’t Leave a Man in a Coma” and “The Total Quality Management Waltz”) and a story that’s one family’s puke diary. With a nod to the circus and a wink at the kitchen sink, Gay Dwarves of America is like a mixed tape made by your pirate radio DJ friend who never quite grew up, and who shelters, behind that fun shiny nerdy schtick, the tenderest of tender hearts.

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Praise for Gay Dwarves of America:

“Masterful” Quill & Quire

“Short story writers should consult this book as a manual of the form” The Malahat Review

“Deceptively beautiful. Surprisingly painful. Heartbreaking. Clever as hell. Funny and real. Anne Fleming’s collection of stories, Gay Dwarves of America, is all of the above and more.” The Winnipeg Review

“Fleming displays a lithe versatility in this collection, and an admirable willingness to push the boundaries of form and style.” The National Post

anomaly pb cover


When Glynnis Riggs takes her albino sister, Carol, for show and tell in Grade Two, she sets off a chain of events that ends with Glynnis in hospital and their normally unflappable mother in crisis. For elderly Miss Balls, the accident is a happy one. Since her ousting from the Girl Guides, she’s been languishing, rehashing memories of nursing in World War I. Now she’s needed again.

Anomaly follows the four from 1972 to 1982, when Carol turns punk, Glynnis comes out, and Toronto comes of age.

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Praise for Anomaly:

“…scenes of social trauma so pitch perfect readers will squirm in their chairs…Fleming’s ability to fully inhabit the consciousness of her characters is flawless” Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“…the two central characters are exquisitely drawn” Publishers Weekly

“Anomaly showcases the talents of a gifted story spinner who also knows a thing or two about the volatile dynamics of family life” Xtra West

“I was left with a hollow ache in my chest” The Georgia Straight

“All books should be so engrossing” The Guelph Mercury

“Fleming’s honesty as a writer is extraordinary” Quill & Quire

“…quietly brilliant… a perfectly paced series of small, authentic details… complex, memorable individuals, and a story that leaves you hankering for more of her smart, sure-footed prose” – Vancouver Review

“Sentence by sentence, Anne Fleming is one of the finest writers I’ve ever read” The Globe and Mail


Pool Hopping

The fascinating characters in this short story collection come from differing backgrounds and generations, but all sense disorder lurking beneath the fragile surface of existence. These finely crafted, witty and engaging stories were shortlisted for the 1999 Governor General’s Fiction Award.

Praise for Pool-Hopping

“At once ruthlessly precise with her descriptions…and generous to her characters, she makes a bracing, truthful debut with these 13 stories” Publisher’s Weekly

“[Fleming’s] evenhanded, sharp-eyed, and often hilarious narratives traverse the frenzied chaos of urban life with ease and precision” The Georgia Straight

“In vivid, complex, character-driven stories, Fleming explores the underside of the ‘Canadian dream’” The Vancouver Sun


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