Anne Fleming

There will be a fifty-cent charge for each item you do not pick up.

It was a sad day when the Vancouver Public Library changed its automatic call voice to sound human. I had enjoyed the jolty, off-rhythms of the computer-voice saying, “Hel-lo. This is the Van-couver Public Librerry for Anne Mar-gah-ret Fleh-meeng.”

Oh, sure, my computer can talk if I ask it to. But “Fred,” “Ralph” and “Albert” just don’t have what the VPL guy had.

Well, I found him. Singing the Lee Hazelwood classic “Some Velvet Morning” (which I also have on vinyl!). It’s not “If you do not pick up your items…” but it’s enough to make a VPL user nostalgic nonetheless. (Recording courtesy of the 365 Days Project on UbuWeb.)

Listen to the mp3


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