Anne Fleming III

Christopher Isherwood: He is a Camera

Chris-to-pher Ish-er-wood chris-to-pher ish-er-wood christopher isherwood christopherisherwood christopherisherwood, cetera cetera, i am a camera, i am a camera. We chug along through the landscape. One path. One straight line from here to there. What your camera sees is just this is just this is just this: is bushes embankment forest and trees embankment a field with a horse a manure pile a shed a warehouse and trucks parked old pallets and dumpsters a flag and some tires a dirt heap blackberry brambles a station and bushes embankment a field full of seagulls.

(Original article: “Christopher Isherwood: He is a Camera,” Anne Taylor Fleming, L.A., 1972)


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