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  • 9 October, 2013

    I clearly do not have blog-mind, at least in the use-your-blog-to-promote-your-events sense, cause it only occurred to me I should have written something about Word Vancouver after it was over. (It was great, by the way. bill bissett on the poetry bus was a force of nature.) But now I'm

  • 2 August, 2013

    What gifts have thrift store record bins given me, "Pesnicky spod viechy," (i.e. Songs from Wine-Vaults) no less for the translations of the songs than for the music itself: 1. On That Sitno Beyond the Courtyards Don't you even touch me 2. When the Draft Card Was Handed to Me

  • 11 June, 2013

    Another in the academia.edu series in which I make up poems for the titles of articles that academia.edu thinks might be by me. Bright darkness: the poetry of Lord Byron presented in the context of his life & times if you stacked all the norton anthologies in the world and

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