Anne Fleming


I had a moment of panic there when it looked like my summer duty week in Kelowna was going to conflict with Ukulele Circle. Gak! That would’ve been it for the summer! But thankfully, I can make July after all. August is lost to Ontario. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do Cole Porter’s Friendship, which, you know, you just can’t do by yourself. I mentioned the possibility to Cynthia and the next day she sent me a link to a youtube clip of Ethel and Lucy doing the number on I Love Lucy. That, naturally, led to a clip of Lucy with Red Skelton from Du Barry Was a Lady (new one on me). Who knows how I got to Judy Garland and Ethel Merman, but it’s a stunner. I love how Judy’s always turning to Ethel, always aware of doing a duet, always trying to make the interaction between them part of the number and how Ethel just sings to the audience while gripping Judy’s shoulder now and again.


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