Anne Fleming

Hinterland Who’s Whos

Just as I typed “hinterland” I had a moment of loving that word, and then, of course, the moment that follows loving a word, which is the moment of wanting to look it up. Whence “hinter”?

hinterland n. 1. the often deserted or uncharted areas beyond a coastal district or a river’s banks. 2. an area served by a port or other centre. 3 a remote or fringe area [G f. hinter behind + Land LAND]

So there you go. Which now that I know whence “hinter” I think I should have been able to figure out. Hinter = hinder.

I’m worried my other Who’s Whos are too sizeable to upload, but I’m unna try. Here goes. Audrey Thomas’s “Kill Day on the Government Wharf.”

Bear Thomas

which apparently is not working. Dang. Okay. Will noodle and get back to you.


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