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News and Good Intentions

Posts I thought of writing but never did:

1) Etta James, ladies and gentlemen! Etta James!

Who else would draw us to the River Rock Casino in Richmond? Okay. Lily Tomlin. A month earlier. But Etta James. Etta James! Sexy chair-bound seventy year-old. Hoo, baby. Straight women in the crowd were going wild. I was thinking about how many times she’s sung those songs. Tell Mama. I Would Rather Go Blind. Leave Your Hat On. Gotta be thousands. She made them completely new.

2) Outweek Reading, UBCO!

Oops. Sorry. It was last week. Michael V. Smith launching his new book of concrete poetry, Body of Text, Ivan E. Coyote performing from her latest book, The Slow Fix, Xtra West columnist Francisco Ibanez Carrasco reading Xtra West columns and showing his digital storytelling, and me, reading from a new(ish) story. What did you miss? Fabulousness beyond compare. Confiscated KY jelly, reading the body, barbershops, Viriginia Woolf and gay weddings.

3) “The Baby Listens”

A piece I wrote for the anthology of birth stories, Great Expectations, edited by Dede Crane and Lisa Moore. Great anthology. Funny, poignant, heartbreaking, all that.

4) Stories in the New Q

I have two stories in the latest issue of The New Quarterly, plus a little essay about them. I’m pleased.


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