Barred Owl

Other names:

Hoot Owl
Rain Owl
Wood Owl
Round-headed Owl
Swamp Owl

The Barred Owl is a bird of the deep solitudes. Where in the low grounds along the rivers or lake-shores nature has built her densest growth of forest trees, or where, in forebidding swamps, trees and vines struggle for the mastery in one interminable jumble, there you will find the Barred Owl and his mate. If it be in spring you may hear his big voice booming through the solitudes. For when night has fallen the big Swamp Owl must be up and doing. Whoo, whoo, whoo, who , who, to-hoo-ha! he shouts, emphasis and great stress being laid on the last two syllables as though he would question your presence, and challenge your right to invade his domain. The volume and variety of those who, who call notes is one of the wonders of the wilderness and when two or three males get to discussing affairs together the animation they inject into the melody is quite alarming to a timid person not accustomed to the sounds. Of all the Owls, these bar-breasted fellows are pre-eminently the most proficient hooters. –T. Gilbert Pearson, Birds of America