Anne Fleming

Other Names for Birds: Song Sparrow

Silver Tongue

Everybody’s Darling

Ground Sparrow

Hedge Sparrow

Bush Sparrow


Marsh Sparrow

Red Grass-bird

Swamp Finch

Thousands of persons, old and young, who pay little or no heed to the song of the Field Sparrow or the Vesper Sparrow or the Fox Sparrow, recognize instantly the characteristic little motif of the Song Sparrow. And the bird lays an additional claim on the friendship and sympathy of all, by the fact that it is a frequent winter resident in the northern States.

Always as he begins to sing he throws his head backward, and points his bill at an angle of about 45 degrees, and this position he retains until the song is finished. He seems intent upon sending his little prayer of thankfulness straight up to heaven, by the shortest route. Over and over again the sweet and sincere little petition is offered — and who can doubt that it is heeded?


from Birds of America, T. Gilbert Pearson


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