Anne Fleming

Over and Outweek

Today marks the end of UBC Okanagan’s first Outweek. Who knew Mark Tewksbury was so funny and gracious? Who knew he’d led a cheer at the pre-Olympic Canadian national team swim camp: “I’m a beaver, you’re a beaver, we are beavers all. And when we get together, we do the beaver call (sound of beaverish gnawing)” to stunned silence?

If I’d had this web site up sooner, you’d all have known about our Outweek reading, and people would have flocked to Kelowna to see me and Billeh Nickerson and Michael V. Smith read. Flocked. They would have been plastered to the skylight over the Arts Atrium. They would have cooed and clucked, and… Oh, never mind. It was a good event.


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