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In honour of the fact you can now pre-order Gay Dwarves of America on Amazon and Krisostomus (“Every Book in the World;” also a good source for Estonian e-books), I’m resurrecting my blog with

Other Names for Birds

from Birds of America, T. Gilbert Pearson, ed., Garden City Books, 1936.

1. White-winged Scoter.

Other names:

Velvet Scoter; Velvet Duck; Lake Huron Scoter; White-winged Surf Duck, or Sea Coot or Scoter; Black White-wing; Black Surf Duck; Pied-wing Coot; Uncle Sam Coot; Bell-tongue Coot; Bull Coot; Brant Coot; Sea Brant; May White-wing; Eastern White-wing; Assemblyman.


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