Anne Fleming

Research: Listening to Frogs

In fact, I must stop researching and just make shit up, but boy, I’ve found some cool stuff. For instance, FrogWatch! This is a program in which volunteers agree to go out and listen for frogs. (Frog populations are declining across Canada. Volunteer reports give helpful data on which frogs are croaking where.)  Here’s what you do:

“Choose a suitable location and listen for three minutes (or longer if possible) each time you monitor from spring through to the end of June. Ideally, monitor once or twice a week, but even a single report is valuable. Dusk is the best time to monitor, but some species call during the day, especially after rain, and you may prefer to monitor then. If necessary, verify the calls you heard using the FrogWatch Website.”

We all recognize the bullfrog. But how about the sort of clickety call of the boreal chorus frog or the cute little yuckit-yuckit of the pacific tree frog?

Of course, this is the totally wrong time of year to be posting about frog watch. They sing in BC from April to June. Sorry. But your memory will retrieve this info come April, no?


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