Anne Fleming

Vancouver Writes

February 23 I’ll be at Vancouver Writes at Performance Works, Granville Island:

Get ready for an engaging, interactive evening of wordplay that will bring together aspiring and established writers to produce instant literature. Join host Billeh Nickerson, Caroline Adderson, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Kevin Chong, Steven Galloway, Zsuzsi Gartner, Genni Gunn, C.C. Humphreys, Nancy Lee, Miranda Pearson, Bill Richardson, Timothy Taylor and many more of Vancouver’s finest for the first edition of Vancouver Writes.

Here’s how it works: teams of eight with one well known Vancouver writer as coach and editor will collaborate to come up with a piece of prizewinning fiction or poetry. Over the course of the evening there will be three contests for twenty minutes each. Teams will be given a phrase (eg. “They couldn’t believe their eyes”) around which they will craft their piece. For added spice, the contests will alternate between poetry and prose and writers will switch teams, giving participants the opportunity to work with three writers.

The Vancouver Writes judges will choose a winning team for each contest. After the three sessions a grand winner will be announced. Then the real fun will begin live music, drinks, and a chance for the contestants and published writers to mingle and talk. Don’t miss it!


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