On Writing #55

There?s a point at which, when you?re funny, you think about stand-up. I mean, not me. Not seriously. Not for real.
This isn?t totally related, but there was a time in high school when the fourth or fifth person after antics or goofiness of mine said I should try out for the school play that I did. You had to sing. That was one thing. I had no imagination: all my troubles seemed so far away. Then you did a monologue. That was another. True, true, very nervous I have been and am. But why will you say I am mad?

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Week 84 ? How I Found Poetry by Anne Fleming

My brother?s middle school English teacher edited an anthology of contemporary Canadian poetry meant for use in schools called Mirrors. It had a purple cover with a kaleidoscopic image. My mum bought a copy, got the teacher to sign it for my brother. ?With all good wishes to Ian.? I don?t think Ian touched it. But I did. I read it over and over.

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Why I Love the Ukulele, Part 3

originally ran in The New Quarterly?s Extra supplement

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Novels are for Children

an essay on losing?and regaining?my belief in fiction
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