By Anne

The Goat

As an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo, I showed a story I had written to writer-in-residence Gregory Cook. It was called ?The Happy Punker Does His Laundry.? Can you guess what happened? A happy punker did his laundry. Also helped a woman in the laundromat give birth and made up a song in his head (?Everybody?s gotta do laundry (laundry!)/ Everyone?s got to get clean./ And everybody?s fat in their own kinda way,/ I think that you know what I mean.?) Greg?s feedback? ?Have you ever considered writing for children??

Happy to say my first children?s book comes out with Groundwood in Spring 2017. Summary in Publishers Weekly Spring Preview: “[Groundwood releases] The Goat?by Anne Fleming, in which two children are determined to prove that a goat lives on the rooftop of their New York City apartment building.”