Anne Fleming

Pesnicky spod viechy

What gifts have thrift store record bins given me, “Pesnicky spod viechy,” (i.e. Songs from Wine-Vaults) no less for the translations of the songs than for the music itself:

1. On That Sitno
Beyond the Courtyards
Don’t you even touch me

2. When the Draft Card Was Handed to Me
Everybody’s saying
I won’t get married yet

3. The little dog-rose
Chilly Dew
The boys used to come

4. In our little brook
Let’s drink, boys, Let’s drink the wine
Drink — we would!

5. Let me in peace, naughty women
Quiet waters
Lutheran, Lutheran

6. The wine has not fermented yet
Wine, wine, red wine
Don’t drink, Jackie, don’t drink water

7. The moon shines
Dove, dove, little dove
I’d dance

8. Swift waters flow through the village
The wind blows over the oat ears
In the centre of the village


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