Anne Fleming


Unearthed from my computer, a file of words whose definitions I clearly thought worth putting down:

anserine a. of or like a goose; silly

thole v.t. (arch or Sc.) undergo, endure, suffer (pain, grief, etc); permit, admit of
thole n thole-pin: pin in gunwhale of boat as fulcrum of oar

carminative adj. relieving flatulence; n. carminative drug

mulct n. & v. 1. extract money from by fine or taxation 2. (often followed by “of”) deprive by fraudulent means; swindle; n. a fine

sacerdotal adj. 1. of priests or the priestly office; priestly 2. (of a doctrine etc) ascribing sacrificial functions and supernatural powers to ordained priests; claiming excessive authority for the priesthood

cunctation n. delay
cunctator n. one who delays

discalced adj. (of friar or nun) barefooted or only sandalled

epigone n. one of a later (and less distinguished) generation


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